gp120(89.6P)(HIV-1)    Cat: IT-001-0026p







Product Name: gp120(89.6P)(HIV-1)
Cat No.: IT-001-0026p
Source: Viral protein purified from 293 cell culture.
Formulation: Each vial contains 100 µg of purified protein (1 mg/ml) in PBS only
Product Type: Purified Protein
Protein: 6xHis tagged HIV-1 gp120(89.6P)(Clade B) protein (a.a.34-518) (Genebank No. U89134).
Applications: WB,etc
Specificity: >= 95%
Reference: Dervillez X, Klaukien V, Dürr R, Koch J, Kreutz A, Haarmann T, Stoll M, Lee D, Carlomagno T, Schnierle B, Möbius K, Königs C, Griesinger C, Dietrich U. (2010). Peptide ligands selected with CD4-induced epitopes on native dualtropic HIV-1 envelope proteins mimic extracellular coreceptor domains and bind to HIV-1 gp120 independently of coreceptor usage. J Virol. 84: 10131 – 8.

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