Product Name: SUMO protease
Cat No.: IT-000- SUMOProt
Source: Recombinant protein purified from E.coli
Formulation: total activity >500U in 50% glycerol, 75 mM Tris pH 8.0,150 mM NaCl, 0.5 mM DTT and 1 mM EDTA
Product Type: Enzyme
Protein: 6xHis tagged ULP1 [Saccharomyces cerevisiae] (aa 403-621; GenBank# KZV07496).
Applications: SUMO proteins are a family of small proteins covalently attached to other proteins in cells to modify their function. SUMOylation is a post-translational modification involved in many cellular process
Specificity: ≥ 5 U/ul; No detectable RNAase, DNAase or other protease activity.
Reference: Malakhov, MP, et al. (2004). SUMO fusions and SUMO-specific protease for efficient expression and purification of proteins. J Structural and Functional Genomics 5: 75–86.
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