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What's New

Season’s greetings from all of us at Immune Tech and thank you for your continuing support and trust in us.In the last couple of years, we’ve made significant expansions to our product line. Our efforts have been focusing primarily on two front lines. 1. We are devoted to maintaining our leading edge in providing the infectious disease research community with an ever-enriched library of antigens and antibodies, particularly in the areas of HIV and influenza. We’ve been closely monitoring the emergence of new viruses and new strains and developed relevant products to assist the research community and industry scientists in their efforts to combat diseases caused by these viruses;2. In addition, we have also generated a substantial number of proteins and antibodies of CD antigens, biomarkers, and others of significant disease detection and theranostic value. Using our proprietary GInerator™ genetic immunization platform, which combines the advantages of DNA immunization and heterologous prime-boost approaches, we have so far developed over 200 mouse monoclonal antibodies against these disease related proteins with unparalleled advantages in antibody characteristics, profile, and properties.As we enter a new decade in the twenty-first century, we look forward to your feedback and ideas to further improve and enrich our product lines. Please take a look at the product list on our website, and contact me if you believe that a protein/antigen of your particular research/development interest is warranted to be part of our product line. It is our vision that by combining our technology platforms and your intelligence and knowledge, we will be in a better position to serve your research/development needs and share the excitement of your progress.