Product Name: gp120(SIV/mac251)(Mucosal Funder Strain 216.94.A2)
Cat No.: IT-001-156FRp
Source: Recombinant protein purified from 293 cell culture
Formulation: Each vial contains 100 µg of purified protein (1 mg/ml) in PBS.
Product Type: Purified Protein
Protein: C-terminal 6xHis tagged gp120(SIV/mac251)(Intrarectally transmitted funder strain 216.94.A2) (a.a.31-529) (Genebank #: ADN41251)(Ref#1, 2)
Applications: WB standard, antibody ELISA, immunogen, etc
Specificity: >= 95%
Reference: 1. Liu, J., Keele, B.F., Li, H., Keating, S., Norris, P.J., Carville, A., Mansfield, K.G., Tomaras, G.D., Haynes, B.F., Kolodkin-Gal, D., Letvin, N.L., Hahn, B.H., Shaw, G.M. and Barouch, D.H. Low-dose mucosal simian immunodeficiency virus infection restricts early replication kinetics and transmitted virus variants in rhesus monkeys. J. Virol. 84 (19), 10406-10412(2010). 2. Yeh, W.W., Rahman, I., Hraber, P., Coffey, R.T., Nevidomskyte, D., Giri, A., Asmal, M., Miljkovic, S., Daniels, M., Whitney, J.B., Keele, B.F., Hahn, B.H., Korber, B.T., Shaw, G.M., Seaman, M.S., and Letvin, N.L. Autologous Neutralizing Antibodies to the Transmitted/Founder Viruses Emerge Late after Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIVmac251 Infection of Rhesus Monkeys. J. Virol. 84 (12), 6018-6032(2
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