Product Name: Pp150 (UL32)(Cytomegalovirus)
Cat No.: IT-005-022Ep
Source: Recombinant viral protein purified from E.coli
Formulation: ach vial contains 100 µg of lyophilized protein (1 mg/ml) in 500mM NaCl, 50mM Phosphate buffer (pH 7.4), 200mM imidazole, 8M urea. Reconstitute the protein using 100 µl Ultrapure water.
Product Type: E.coli Protein
Protein: C-terminal 6xHis tagged Pp150 (UL32) immunodominant region (a.a. 862-1048)
Applications: WB standard, antibody ELISA, etc
Specificity: >= 90%
Unit: $199.00

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