Product Name: Anti-HBcAg(HBV)
Cat No.: IT-004-002
Source: Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
Formulation: Each vial contains 200 µg purified IgG in 100 µl PBS with less than 0.1% gelatin and 0.1% sodium Azide.
Product Type: Rabbit IgG
Immunogen: HBcAg protein(Genebank accession AY040627)
Applications: WB, Elisa
Specificity: : Reacts with HBV HBcAg antigen. Cross-reactivity to other protein not tested.
Reference: Bandurska K, Brodzik R, Spitsin S, Kohl T, Portocarrero C, Smirnov Y, Pogrebnyak N, Sirko A, Koprowski H, Golovkin M. (2008) Plant-produced Hepatitis B Core Protein Chimera Carrying Anthrax Protective Antigen Domain-4. Hybridoma 27: 241-7.
Unit: $299.00

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