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Cat. No.DescriptionProduct TypeApplicationsUnitPriceAVLOrder
IT-000- Pfu Pfu DNA polymerase EnzymePCR, mutagenesis, ect.$199.00 Yes Order
IT-000- SUMOProt SUMO protease EnzymeSUMO proteins are a family of small proteins covalently attached to other proteins in cells to modify their function. SUMOylation is a post-translational modification involved in many cellular process$199.00 Yes Order
IT-000-PNGF2 PNGase F-II EnzymeRemoval of carbohydrate residues from proteins and peptides.$165.00 Yes Order
IT-000-proK Proteinase K EnzymeProteinase K is widely used in DNA/RNA preparations from tissue or cell cultures$25.00 Yes Order