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Although it is still early in the 2014–15 flu season, the flu has reached an epidemic level in the United States according report released by CDC. As of December 20, the flu has caused more death than it was at this time last year including 15 children.

Since October 2014, CDC has antigenically or genetically characterized influenza viruses from 236 influenza-positive respiratory specimens collected by U.S. laboratories. The antigenicity of these viruses have been compared to strains included in the 2014–15 Northern Hemisphere trivalent and quadrivalent influenza vaccines (A/H1N1: A/California/7/2009; A/H3N2: A/Texas/50/2012; B/Massachusetts/2/2012; B/Brisbane/60/2008). All pH1N1 viruses were antigenically like the strain included in the vaccine, while only 32.5% H3N2 viruses were characterized as similar to A/Texas/50/2012 (the vaccine strain). The rest of the H3N2 were characterized as A/Switzerland/9715293/2013, a strain antigenically and genetically distinguishable from A/Texas/50/2012. For influenza B viruses tested, 69% were characterized as similar to B/Massachusetts/2/2012, the vaccine strain. The majority of the remaining influenza B viruses tested were characterized as B/Brisbane/60/2008-like, which is included as an influenza B component in the 2014–15 Northern Hemisphere quadrivalent influenza vaccine.

As a leading research reagent provider in infectious disease field, Immune Tech has developed the most comprehensive product line of influenza antigens. We have generated and manufactured antigens for each of all above-mentioned influenza virus strains to support your research needs. Please refer to the catalog number below and contact us for further information.

Influenzavirus A/H1N1:
A/California/7/2009: IT-003-SW12p & IT-003-SW12ΔTMp

Influenzavirus A/H3N2:
A/Texas/50/2012: IT-003-00427p
A/Switzerland/9715293/2013: IT-003-00428p & IT-003-00428ΔTMp

Influenzavirus B:
B/Massachusetts/2/2012: IT-003-B19p & IT-003-B19ΔTMp
B/Brisbane/60/2008: IT-003-B3p



US CDC Update: Influenza Activity — United States, September 28–December 6, 2014